Japanese-style, high-quality icon pack


  • Excellent quality
  • Icons available in ICO and PNG
  • Wallpapers available in different resolutions


  • The ICO files are too small

Very good

Japan and all Japan-related stuff seems to be quite trendy these days. If you also suffer from this Japanese fever you should definitely get this icon pack.

Yoritsuki is an icon pack with 35 beautifully designed icons and two Japanese-style desktop wallpapers that all Japan fans will love for sure. The icons come in two flavors (16x16 ICO files and and 128x128 high-quality PNG files) and represent typical Japanese elements such as sake containers, tatami mats, paper sliding doors, garden lanterns, bath clothes and other objects.

The PNG files are good enough to be used as logos or personal avatars. Too bad the ICO files are really small and hardly distinguishable. At least the pack includes two nice extras: a couple of desktop wallpapers, also with a Japanese design, that represent a typical Japanese house room in daylight and night time. The wallpapers are available in a wide range of formats, even for your iPod.

Japan fans will surely love this icon pack with high-quality PNG icons and two lovely Japanese style images for your Windows desktop wallpaper.




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