Add some Japanese style to your Mac


  • Elegant Japanese designs
  • Free to use


  • Requires individual installation per icon


There's something about Japanese design, style and presentation that makes all things Japan tailor-made for use on the Mac.

Yoritsuki contains 35 icons inspired by Japanese design in 128x128-pixel resolution. The developer claims they're based on "hot spring inn" accommodation in Japan from which the set of icons take their name. Changing a file or folder icon in Mac OS X. Once you've installed Yoritsuki, installing them is fairly straightforward.

First select an icon you'd like to use, then press "Cmd-I". In the upper-left corner of the Inspector panel, the border around the icon will be highlighted. Simply “Cmd-C” to copy the icon to the clipboard and then select the folder you'd like to use the icon with. Press “Cmd-I” key again to bring up the Inspector panel and paste the new icon using "Cmd-V” to complete the change. To delete any changes you've made, just delete them in the inspector and they will revert back to their default state.

If you like Japanese design and style, then you'll appreciate the beauty of Yoritsuki's elegant and appealing icons.




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